About Us

Introduction, a company overview

Founded in 2011, Host Wagon is one of the fastest growing providers of dedicated and cloud server solutions to businesses worldwide.


Host Wagon started out small, hosting dedicated servers from a single data center in Los Angeles, CA, and has since expanded to more than 2 data centers across seven cities in the United States with plans to expand into more datacenters across US & Canada

Having built our company from scratch with a small team of passionate developers we’ve experienced the pains of starting out, and we know what it really means to get a foothold in the market and to grow as a company. From humble beginnings we’ve built our unique API, and hosting platform to be a foundation, a toolbox and most importantly a home for your business.

Without this frame of mind we couldn’t have made our company what it is today and as a team we want to share our skills with business owners so that they have the best possible support to take their ambitions to the next level.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, we’re constantly striving to make new tools, faster platforms and better resources to give you that added edge. We want to drive your success so that you’re not being held back by a foundation that isn’t ready to grow.